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Our Story

Paloma Burgos is the founder of Lavande de la Paloma. She is a current college sophomore from Manhattan Beach, California. During a family vacation in Provence, France, Paloma was awed by the rows of lavender that dotted the Provence countryside. While enjoying the fragrance of fresh lavender, she learned about the different uses for lavender, such as soap, lotion, oil, spice, and ice cream, and how the French use lavender sachets to bring fragrance to a room as well as to ward off closet moths. She also learned that lavender loves the sun and requires little water, which made it the perfect plant to grow in California. Shortly after returning home from France, Paloma's family decided to replace their lawn with a lavender garden in an effort to reduce water use. As the lavender began blooming, Paloma, inspired by her memories of Provence, began making soap using lavender from her garden for friends and family. Encouraged by their positive feedback, she launched Lavande de la Paloma in the summer of 2017.

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