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Lavande de la Paloma

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Shop our Lavender Products 

Homemade, all-natural, and packaged in custom Los Angeles boxes, our lavender soap is truly unique! 

We also make lavender sachets, sprays, essential oils, necklaces, and bouquets. 

Try our new Lavendedibles, chocolate-dipped goodies sprinkled with lavender. They are truly unforgettable! 

Medical Missions

We use 100% of our profits to buy children's vitamins for medical missions around the world. We have donated vitamins to the Philippines, Uganda, Guatemala, Cuba, Romania, Jamaica, Cambodia, El Salvador, and the Nicaragua. 


Romania May 2019 180 bottles donated.

Uganda November 2018

Uganda November 2018 100 bottles donated.

Philippines October 2018

Philippines October 2018 130 bottles donated.

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